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Project Summary

This project develops and distributes QR Code decode/encode library under GPL v2. The project goal is Utilize QR Code embedded information for programmable devices all over the world. QR Code is the industrial standard, JIS-X-0510 and ISO/IEC18004.

Current Development Stage


Applications by Users

Our Open Souce QR Code Library is widely used in diverse area.

Other Language Ports/Bindings

CodeProject: Open Source QRCode Library. Free source code and programming articles
C# port of decoder based on version 0.8 by ThoughtWorks (Homepage) It should runs under Windows Mobile devices which support .NET Compact Framework
Python binding of this library written by Alexandre Fiori

(Please tell us if you are using our QR Code library in any application. We would like to introduce it here)


A example GUI application


References and Specifications

About 2D Code | QR
General information of QR Code
JISC: Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
You can download JIS-X-0510, the QR Code specification for free. Note that it written in Japanese from this site.
ISO/IED 18004:2006
ISO Standard version of above is available. It is written in English, but under fee based (> $100).


For error correction process, our project is using Reed Solomon code decoder developed by Masayuki Miyazaki(m-miyazaki) thanks.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us via Project Forum or mail yanbe __at__ (Yusuke Yanbe, a project leader and main developer). We are looking forward to your participation.

Yusuke Yanbe